Would You Share An Airplane Armrest With This Dog? The Internet Responds With An Emphatic ‘Yes’

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04.22.17 3 Comments

Look at that rather dapper dog seated next to you on the flight. Is that a dandy? A party animal? Or something to be wary of? (Don’t answer, United.) This situation presented itself on a Delta flight when NBC political analyst Mark Halperin met his row neighbor and took a picture for the world to see.

As is internet law, Twitter was filled excitement about the traveling dog. (It’s a bit like when the kids at Springfield Elementary went berserk for a dog in the vents.) Halperin’s caption of “Seriously, @delta??!?” was interpreted a few different ways on social media. There was the “yeah, that dog is industrial grade cute, you lucky flight enthusiast” crowd, the “are you complaining about having a bow-tied dog, no, HERO, next to you?” crowd and just folks that like talking about dogs on a silly social media service because why not?

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