Dickhead Groundhog Desecrates 31 Veteran Graves In Upstate New York

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05.31.14 7 Comments

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You know what’s the worst? Groundhogs are THE WORST. They come into your backyard and act like fuzzybutt dictators who own the place, digging holes everywhere and terrorizing the kids and pets. Thankfully I live in the city, so the worst thing I have to deal with are possums — but don’t even get me started on those dead-eyed motherf*ckers.

Getting on topic, Niagara County Sheriff James Voutour was looking into claims of broken or missing veteran flags in a cemetery in Lockport, New York, after parents of a deceased army specialist complained that their son’s flag had been damaged. Upon investigation they found that over thirty veteran flags had gone missing or were damaged, and then actually caught the culprit in the the act, in what is one of the best sentences ever written by mankind:

Voutour says he wouldn’t have believed the groundhog was responsible if his deputy hadn’t watched the animal take the flags, break them with its front paws and take them into its den.

Breaking and stealing the flags of deceased veterans, right in front of a cop. This is the gif equivalent of every groundhog, ever:

(Via Huffington Post)

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