Did This 86-Year Old Woman Write The Next ‘Fifty Shades Of Grey’?

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08.20.14 5 Comments

If a woman can become a New York Times bestselling author by turning her message board Twilight fan fiction into a series like “Fifty Shades of Grey,” then why couldn’t someone’s great-great grandmother find success in steamy romance novels as well? Georgia Gorringe published her first book earlier this year at the ripe, young age of 86, after she spent five years writing the story of a bored housewife who suddenly feels the urge to be adventurous. The cause of her curiosity? The broad sexual appeal of a talk radio host’s voice. It’s clear that she hasn’t been listening to NPR.

Gorringe, who uses the pen name Georgie Marie, admits that “No Good-Bye” is “full of steaminess,” but she also maintains that it’s clearly fictitious. However, her daughter, Bobbie Posey, told KUTV News that it’s not all that simple.

“I keep telling people, it’s all fiction,” insists Gorringe.

“It is, but a lot of it is actually real life,” said Posey. “I mean, we know who she’s talking about.”

Gorringe hopes others will discover the characters, stories, and the surprising ending that she’s spent years creating.

“I think they’d better read it to find out,” she said. (Via KUTV News)

We could speculate wildly about which talk radio host that Gorringe has written about, but there’s no point. It’s clearly Rush Limbaugh, who boasts the sexual presence of a matured bull walrus.

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