DJ Drama Feat. Jeremih, 2 Chainz & Meek Mill – “My Moment” Video

09.10.12 5 years ago

Footage from yesteryear help craft DJ Drama’s “My Moment” video with the assistance of Dos Necklaces, Jeremih and Meek Mill. While it’s not exactly a “smash single,” the collaboration has quietly been a personal favorite from the summer of 2012 because, after all, we’re all waiting for “our moment,” no? Anywho, Mitt Dram-ney’s Quality Street Music hits shelves and iTunes on October 2.

Sidenote though, the second half of Meek’s verse will always go hard.

“If I dont grind, I don’t shine
If I dont shine, then I don’t eat
Won’t eat, then I’ma starve
If I’ma starve, I pull heat
On all y’all bitch ass niggas
All y’all rich azz niggas
Cuz if I don’t make no money nigga
I’m gon’ take yo’ money nigga…”

Indeed. **sips water while walking back to my office**

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