“Knew She Was A Thug ‘Cause When I Met Her She Had A Scarf On…”

09.03.12 5 years ago 27 Comments

Hearing DMX’s smash single, “How’s It Goin’ Down,” over the weekend rehashed five quick thoughts.

1. From a personal standpoint, It’s Dark And Hell Is Hot is a top 10 rap album ever.

2. Even though it was about an affair, “How’s It Goin’ Down” was arguably the greatest love song (sans R&B) to come out during my middle school years. And speaking of junior high, damn near every girl had a picture of X either in her locker or her binder.

3. “How’s It Goin’ Down” also remains a first ballot Hall of Fame Hip-Hop single, without question. It’s as perfect in 2012 as it was in 1998 when those “Jay-Z or DMX” debates dominated rap conversations.

4. Looking at this video, it’s a relic that Dark Man X was a truly special and different MC who turned rap on its head upon his arrival. Maybe an off base comparison, but X and Vince Carter have always shared parallels in my eyes. Both started off blazing hot and ushered in new eras of their respective sport. Both were expected to change their games, and in a sense, they both did.

Then, they fell off.

Earl because of drug habit he couldn’t kick which led him back and forth to prison more times than this video has been viewed on YouTube. And Vince because, well, his work ethic never mimicked his God-given talent.

5. This song is perfect for that Labor Day cookout you’re either going to or already at. Throw this on and watch everyone’s reaction.

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