Dolphins Fans’ Chants Starting To Become Catchy And Memorable

03.20.12 6 years ago 26 Comments

“Look out, Itchy, he’s Firish!”

Dolphins fans are understandably upset with the way the team’s offseason has gone, what with the team trading away its best offensive weapon while also failing to secure the services of any of the top-flight free agents targeted by Jeff Ireland. This is likely exacerbated by the team’s general awfulness over the last decade.

When disgruntled fans of any team have indignation to voice, options are limited, few of them dignified or effective. Basically, it boils down to holding protests outside team headquarters or putting up money for a billboard on the outskirts of town. Dolphins fans have elected to engage in the former. Today, as many as DOZENS of fans are camped out in front of Dolphins team HQ and, yes, sadly they have signs making reference to LeBron.

“Just to make sure, you’re not protesting the Trayvon Martin thing, right? Awesome. Carry on.”

Bonus unintentional NFL Network trolling of Miami fans:

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