Dolphins ‘Hard Knocks’ Season Finale Live Blog

09.04.12 5 years ago 61 Comments

The fourth episode was a considerable turnaround after the dead air that followed Chad Johnson being cut loose from the Dolphins. Adam Schefter tweeted this afternoon that Chad will return for an interview sometime during the finale, but that has the feeling of a solemn affair when he’s going to attempt to pass off something resembling reflection on his actions, and however necessary, that doesn’t seem like a ton of fun for viewers.

Nevertheless, the final cuts will be handed down. We know Silky Garrard didn’t make it, so he gets to stay hat shopping for a while. We also know that Roberto Wallace was cut from the team, furthering Miami’s brave new initiative to be a team without wide receivers. They won’t be able to make do with tight ends since the Patriots are committing to squatting on all of those (bringing Kellen Winslow in for a workout, btw).

Beyond that, the only hope is that a player engages Ryan Tannehill in more conversation about everything he doesn’t know about the NFL. Or, y’know, that long-awaited Lauren Tannehill/Jackie Long makeout session that has been hinted at all season. I can’t be the only one who picked up on that.

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