Dom Kennedy Brings The Westside To Nashville

03.28.12 6 years ago 3 Comments

Music City does it again, turning all the way up for Dom Kennedy when he performed at Mercy Lounge on Saturday night for our stop on the “This Is Dom Kennedy” tour. After the show, I told someone that approximately 60% of the crowd knew 90% of Dom’s material and could rap it verbatim. Sounds farfetched but take 90 seconds to view the clip below for a glimpse of how the crowd reacted throughout Dom’s whole entire set. Multiply the interaction you see times however many songs he performed over the course of an hour and that was Saturday night.

A full set of photos are up on our Facebook page for your viewing pleasure. Shouts out to CakeMaster3000 and LifeUnderAScope for their work on the video. Respect due to our friends at Rocksmith, DJ Crisis, Dee Goodz, Openmic and Scotty for making the night a success. And, Nashville, definitely give yourself a pat on the back.

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