Don Ginger Putting The Squeeze On Governors

04.19.12 6 years ago 30 Comments

For a while there was progress being made on the Vikings getting a new stadium and it seemed like the team might actually not relocate to Los Angeles. Then, in true Vikings fashion, everything broke down and now the market might be doomed again. A Minnesota House committee on Monday voted down the proposal for a new stadium. For now, the Vikes will continue to play in the occasionally imploding Metrodome, even though their lease expired last year.

So things are looking grim. This purple pretzel wagon is gonna have to rely on the help of gangland muscle in the league office.

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell told Minnesota Gov. Mark Dayton on Wednesday that there would be “serious consequences” for the Vikings if a stadium bill is not completed.

Ruh roh. Better give The Rog what he wants. The last politician to cross Goodell was banhammered indefinitely, by which I mean macheted to bits and fed to pigs.

One of The Rog’s underlings is quoted in the story as saying that if a deal for a new stadium isn’t in place by the end of the year then the league will have cause to begin relocating the team. I kind of like the idea of the Vikings getting caught up the cliche sitcom plot where the protagonist has to hurry to pay back his debt to the mob. “You think they’ll take this shredded Purple Jesus ligament as collateral? What about all this frozen deer meat that Jared Allen keeps stored in the locker room?”

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