Don Trip Feat. Cee-Lo Green – “Letter To My Son” Video

10.31.11 6 years ago

After getting the Interwebs all teary-eyed with the original version of his goosebump-inducing “Letter To My Son,” Don Trip caught the attention of Cee-Lo Green, who added his own soulful tones to a second serving of heartache. Then, the fine folks at Epidemic/Interscope decided to send camera crews back down to Memphis to shoot another video for Trip’s tangled take on the intricacies of what happens when children are gained from love lost. While this visual doesn’t feature much difference from the OG, aside from some additional production value and a slight storyline, Don could make twenty videos for this gem and we’d still post them all.

If you’re in need, Don’t Help Is On The Way will be arriving soon.

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