This Brilliantly Demented Donald Trump Parody Reimagines His Campaign As The Ultimate Cinematic Event

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Just when you thought Donald Trump couldn’t possibly invade your life any more than he has, the GOP frontrunner now has his mitts your favorite movie moments. Well, sort of.

What we have nestled above is a gloriously bonkers parody trailer dubbed (what else?) The Donald that plunks the divisive White House hopeful into a glut of Hollywood highlights. RKO-obsessed video vendors Vidgeo have laid out a world where Trump crashes the party of movies ranging all over the place from The Shining to Napoleon Dynamite to even Finding Nemo. The spine of the whole production is the delirious teleporting of the business titan into Steve Jobs which serves up a healthy allotment of alley-oops for quips from His Bronzeness.

Considering that the clip leans heavy on Trump in a number of villainous roles, we can’t imagine he’d be too nutty about it. Mind you, compared to the gag that’s in waiting in The Brothers Grismby, The Donald might not be #1 on his cinematic beef list. If we were to put money on it, there’s a chance he’s given The Art Of The Deal a gander just because he seems like the kinda dude that’d like to brag about being portrayed by Johnny Depp.

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