Dong ‘Cut Is The New Default Hazing Ritual

08.15.12 5 years ago 11 Comments

We saw Dolphins rookie Josh Samuda get the dong haircut treatment on “Hard Knocks” last night, to the great entertainment of his teammates and the withering, frowny disgust of Joe Philbin. Since players are now discouraged from the more physical forms of hazing, such as taping a guy to a goalpost overnight and clubbing him with a bag of frozen oranges, the dong haircut is probably as inappropriate as it’s going to get without straying into harmful behavior.

Above, you’ll see Carson Palmer applying the dong haircut to, presumably, a Raiders rookie. Unless Palmer is running around, detaining people and shaving penis shapes into their hair, which would be the first amusing thing Palmer has ever done, though not necessarily the most phallic.

If you’d like to know more about dong haircut, consult your local Busted Coverage.

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