Chamillionaire – Major Pain 1.5 Mixtape

04.18.11 7 years ago 6 Comments

If you plan on downloading Chamillionaire’s new mixtape, Major Pain 1.5, I have two questions for you. First, how many mixtapes do you download on a weekly basis? And second, what do you expect from Cham as an artist? The reason I ask is, as someone who owns hard copies of the man’s two albums and doesn’t plan on purchasing a third, I openly wonder if there is actually any incentive for me to fill my hard-drive space with this fraction of a release.

While his talent remains intact and surely always will, the Houston MC’s once-rising star has been stalled by industry politics, which have left him harping over the same, hater-blocking topics throughout the majority of his few-and-far-between-tunes in recent years. And, well…revenge sounded a lot sweeter than resentment.

If you’re not just downloading to download and Koopa is really someone you check for, please, lead this blinded man back in the right direction. Anyone out there? Anyone?

DownloadChamillionaire – Major Pain 1.5 Mixtape | Alt. Link | Alt. Link

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