Heroes X Villains – Run The Trap EP

12.16.12 5 years ago 3 Comments

When I read over the four-song tracklist for Heroes X Villains’ Run The Trap EP, I had to chortle because it reads as a narrative of sorts to my feelings on the current trappy electronic dance music Cousin It of a genre. Daniel Disaster and Peter Heartless, the production duo of Heroes X Villains, are the “Original Choppaz.” In case there was any question about it, what they represent is “From The Trap” in Atlanta. “UGH” is presumably how a lot of people feel now that the genre has caught on (or just me), yet despite that, they continue to “Flex” on everyone. And that’s the tracklist, in order.

Accordingly, Run The Trap is everything that I’ve come to expect and enjoy from Heroes X Villains.

DownloadHeroes X Villains – Run The Trap EP

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