Luck-One & Dekk – Beautiful Music Part II Mixtape

02.29.12 6 years ago

To paraphrase Webster’s, the word “beautiful” is used to describe something that is pleasant or appealing. It’s not the most masculine term out there but it still fortifies a sense of quality that the object reflects. For the second time in their collaborative career, Luck-One and producin’ pal, Dekk are giving Portland some shine and applying that “beautiful” label to the works that come from out of their studio.

Beautiful Music Part II sounds just how it reads for all comers — new and familiar — to the Luck and Dekk pairing. Lush and vivid hybrids of Hip-Hop and atmospheric production fuse with the sharp puns of the KONW’s lyric book. Check it out and see if they really paint pictures with their words.

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