Mickey Factz Paints Vivid Pictures With His “Mickey MauSe” Mixtape

05.06.12 6 years ago 11 Comments

Maybe I’m jaded, but the thought of a concept album in rap is not that appealing to me. They’re rarely executed well and tend to be more pretentious than anything. However, I was excited to hear Mickey’s new project if only just to get a full body of work from him after what seemed like a long break. And, unsurprisingly, Factz does a bang up job with his Mickey MauSe mixtape.

Using samples from Danger Mouse and deadmau5, Mickey plays the role of a fictional graf writer navigating the ’80s art scene alongside the likes of the era’s greats – Haring, Basquiat, Fab Five Freddy and then mentor Andy Warhol. What we get is a robust, fully-developed concept album that puts the listener right in the land of turntables, subways and empty spray paint bottles. Mickey Factz is a superb lyricist and he flexes his muscle over every track. After a few weeks of absorbing the mixtape, I have to say that it should wind up on a few end of the year lists in December.

Download — Mickey Factz – Mickey MauSe Mixtape

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