Diamond In The Rough: Rochelle Jordan’s “P R E S S U R E”

08.14.12 5 years ago 12 Comments

R&B and Soul are here in name but they’ve seen better days in terms of their traditions. So what do you do when you’re looking for a emerging voice? Well, you turn to Rochelle Jordan. The latest secret out of Toronto has built her name off of mixing ’90s and contemporary music over her soothing vocals. Now she’s poised to make her fan base expand like her natural with P R E S S U R E. A couple of the project’s e-singles in “Losing” and “Too Long” proved stellar in their own way and continued her dark, flowing sound. Now we have the pleasure of seeing if P R E S S U R E measures up to those efforts as R O J O’s follow-up.

We’ll also see Tins and Aaron quarrel over her love while P R E S S U R E’s making its way to our hard drives. Hey, that’s what LSNs like them do after all: bicker over R&B sirens and what not. Remember gentlemen, no hitting below the belt and keep all gifts, dinners and other trickin’ endeavors under $300 total. Ready? FIGHT!

DownloadRochelle Jordan – P R E S S U R E

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