Trackstar The DJ – Still Dreamin’ 8

09.12.12 5 years ago 6 Comments

Artwork: Tech Supreme

One can’t listen to Hip-Hop all the time. No matter how big a rap fan you are, you need a break here and there to balance the intensity and aggression Hip-Hop provides. As a break from the beats and rhymes, I present to you Still Dreamin 8, which continues the vibe set by volume 7 and features smooth feel-good tunes old and new from folks like Dam-Funk, HouseShoes, Electric Wire Hustle, BJ The Chicago Kid and more. If you check this smooth shit out and still end up ready to scrap, you were a lost cause to begin with.

In my tour life, I’m about to hit the road with Killer Kill from the ‘Ville and the GZA, the Genius, so I’ll have all the Liquid Swords and Rebellious African People’s music one can handle for the next six weeks. SD8 will be my personal reprieve. Here’s to hoping it becomes yours as well.

DownloadTrackstar The DJ – Still Dreamin’ 8

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