Glasses Malone – Drive-By Muzik EP

10.29.10 7 years ago 3 Comments

Ricky experienced it. Kane did too. Luckily for Craig & Smokey, they were fortunate enough to just hear the muffled bass from the trunk as they scurried away to freedom with their lives in tow. It’s the soundtrack that you never want to hear firsthand, and Glasses Malone has crafted it with a ski-mask and bandanna on his latest firearm steady in Drive-By Muzik.

Keeping it short and to the point (like most drive-bys are), G. Malone & DJ HED depict every possible aspect or riddled bullets flying through the neighborhood on vivid reality on tracks like “Still In The City” and “Emergency Room.” Grab a vest and hop in the hooptie for the final ride. That is…if you ain’t no mark ass buster.

Download — Glasses Malone – Drive-By Muzik EP

Bonus: The final round for the chamber, featuring a couple reasons why Wayne doesn’t need to keep a gun.


Download — Glasses Malone Feat. Gudda Gudda & Brisco – “Respect Mah Gangsta (YMCMB Remix)”

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