Artist Draws Self-Portraits On Different Drug Every Day

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08.12.12 5 Comments

Bryan Lewis Saunders is an artist who in 1995 decided that he would draw a self-portrait every day for the rest of his life. According to Arthur Magazine, in 2000, Saunders was “living in an 11 story apartment building where he planned to film a documentary about its well known population of creeps and loonies. One day a paraplegic was showing him a huge encyclopedia of pills and he said that you could find each of these pills somewhere in the building. This inspired him to do a series where he would try a different drug every day and then draw a self portrait under the influence.” And we’re not talking about taking aspirin, either; during the experiment — which he eventually had to slow down due to “mild brain damage” — Saunders swallowed and/or smoked and/or snorted cocaine, computer duster, Oxycodone, crystal meth, and other drugs you’ve probably seen on Justified.

Here’s some of his best (most terrifying?) work.

(Via The Chive)

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