Dumervil Gets Trolled, Billboard-Style

07.18.12 6 years ago 11 Comments

With the NFL police blotter being so busy early in the week, I had already more or less forgotten about Elvis Dumervil getting arrested for flashing a gun at a motorist in Miami on Saturday. Understandably, the people of Denver have not. D.J. Williams is already suspended, so the Broncos front seven might be a little extra depleted come the first month of the season. But hey, Denver’s got Battleship Manning. Who needs defense? Might as well yuk it up.

And so that’s what a company called Multiline International Imports is doing with this billboard. I must say, it’s refreshing to see some humor from the folks in the import/export community. Usually so solemn, what with the organized crime and all. The description of Multiline from their website: “Established in 1986 and is well known in the wholesale industry as having the largest selection of imported goods.” Is Elvis Dumervil being trolled by a drug front? It would appear so. That’s kind of awesome in its own way.

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