Dutch Might Drop Your Jaw With His Sultry Single, ‘No Measure’

04.05.16 2 years ago 2 Comments

Typically, I would stash an under the radar record like Dutch’s “No Measure” for next week’s BEWARE’s Block. But, considering it’s already past a quarter million plays on Soundcloud, I’m expediting my hype behind this gritty R&B record to get maximum oomph.

Like a fever, this should-be buzzing single from the Toronto singer continually gets hotter with more play, melting your headphones and immediately amping up your love life with it’s self-proclaimed slow and steady vibe. Actually, sweaty would probably be the best adjective to describe the dark guitar-laden song. It feels like making love in an audible sauna.

Considering this was released less than two weeks ago and has already caught the masses, I’m confident Dutchy’s multi-layered jam will reach new heights in the coming months, despite having minimal media burn right now. And rightfully so. True blue R&B jams are rare in 2016.

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