E-40 – “The Server” Video

01.21.10 8 years ago 12 Comments

40 Wata stays innnovating. In anticipation of the March 30th release of his 11th solo album, Revenue Retrievin Day Shift/Night Shift (a double album set to be sold separately), the Bay Area vet exhibits his most unorthodox single and artistically driven video to date. Dubbed “The Server,” 40 spits from a familiar point of view, but it’s his dramatically slowed down flow and breathing room between bass hits that strikes a new chord with listeners. Like any great writer (and Gotty™ can attest) 40 manages to be descriptive with few words. Rick Rock finds success in the same formula, stripping down the beat to a few elements but making that shit knock like no other. The musical obscurity is matched perfectly by the visuals, merging the tribal with the turf.

It’s not an instant smash hit, nor will it propel the album to platinum status, but it is a turn from the pack. People will have their gripes, but you gotta respect the vision and recognize where it comes from.

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