Everybody Rejoice, Because Spokane’s #1 Stoner Has Gotten His Job Back

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07.11.14 3 Comments


Mike Boyer, the pot-smoking hero who became an internet sensation yesterday for being (oxymoron alert!) the most enthusiastic tie-dye, Mountain Dew and Doritos-loving stoner ever, has gotten his job back — probably after his staffing agency, TrueBlue, felt like huge dicks about it when the news went viral. Mike Boyer is practically the Rosa Parks of potheads, people.

Thankfully, Newsweek has learned, TrueBlue changed its mind. “TrueBlue got ahold of me and offered me my job back,” Mike told Newsweek. “I’ll accept it and we’ll see where it goes from there,” he said. “The reason they said they gave me my job back was because their policy says you cannot be under the influence at work, which I was not, and since I officially had the day off, what I did on my time was my time. And they gave me my job back, and even gave me a day’s worth of pay that I missed.”

Despite being given a second chance, Boyer is still hoping to parlay his celebrity status to get a job in the growing marijuana industry, because apparently being the first guy to legally buy weed in Spokane is qualification enough, as he says: “the history books go down as me being that dude.” Well, let’s not get ahead of ourselves here. The first guy to legally buy weed in America — maybe. Or even a big city like New York City or Chicago, but Spokane?

Eh, whatever. I’d say this shirt is qualification enough:



(Via Newsweek)

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