Extremely Bored And Incredibly Cute: Oscar Nominated Films Reenacted By A Baby

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I always say that if you’re going to be stuck at home with your kid and you’re probably going to be putting him or her all over Facebook anyway, you might as well get clever, go the extra mile, and exploit your child in a manner the entire internet can enjoy. A mom and/or dad in Atlanta (don’t ask me how I know!) have done just that with their kid on Don’t Call Me Oscar, the new single-serving Tumblr dedicated to having their baby reenact scenes from current Academy Award nominated movies.
I think the baby is a girl and I doubt she’s named Oscar (although that would be kind of awesome) but for the purposes of this exercise we’ll be thinking of the kid as Oscar, the reenacting baby. When first glancing over I thought their would be no beating Oscar’s Clooney/Descendants reenactment above, but I think the War Horse one is actually my favorite, as it encompasses everything I feel about the movie even though I will never see it.
Source: Don’t Call Me Oscar

Ballin so hard.

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