An Indiana Woman Was Unknowingly Impregnated By Her Fertility Doctor’s Sperm, And She Isn’t Happy

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11.14.16 2 Comments

The Indiana woman who made a shocking discovery when she went on a quest to find out if she had any siblings conceived through artificial insemination is finally speaking out. Jacoba Ballard started searching for her siblings about two years ago with the knowledge that the sperm donor who contributed to her mother’s pregnancy was supposedly from a medical resident who would have been allowed to have been used for up to three successful pregnancies.

When Ballard took a DNA test however, what she found startled her.

“When I took the test I found seven siblings, so right then, we all kind of questioned what was wrong,” Ballard said, “We knew something was wrong because one, there was a seven year gap. A lot of people that aren’t even in the medical field know that a residency is three to four years, not seven. So what kind of residency is going to be seven years?”

With the help of some of her newfound siblings, Ballard began to investigate using various ancestry tests, which led right back to the fertility doctor, Dr. Donald Cline, who had helped their mothers conceive. Eventually, with more testing, they were able to determine that there was a 99.9 percent chance that the sperm had come from Dr. Cline himself.

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