Flavor Flav's Chicken And Ribs Is No More

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06.20.13 3 Comments

Flavor Flav

It’s pretty difficult to keep track of what’s going on in rapper Flavor Flav’s life, so much that sometimes he doesn’t even know what’s going on. But last I’d heard about the Public Enemy hype man, he was facing 12 years in jail for allegedly threatening his girlfriend’s 17-year old son with a butcher’s knife last year. However, a lot can change in three months, and Flav and Liz Trujillo are apparently working their problems out on Couples Therapy, because that’s what adults do.

What Flav (real name William Drayton, Jr.) can’t fix by speaking with Dr. Jenn Berman is his now defunct fast food joint, Flavor Flav’s Chicken and Ribs, which was shut down today after the police served an eviction notice and kicked all of the employees out.

The signed eviction order was affixed to the front door today following a bitter legal battle between Flav’s business partners and the landlord, who sued to evict them earlier this month … accusing Flav’s team of stiffing the property owner on more than $20,000 in unpaid rent.

Sources close to the restaurant tell TMZ, police showed up this morning to kick out the staff and change the locks on the doors.

For Flav’s part, his business associates claim they didn’t pay rent because of a faulty heating unit on the property — which was allegedly spewing carbon monoxide — but their excuse apparently hasn’t helped their case. (Via TMZ)

According to Crain’s Detroit Business, Flav’s restaurant’s management team hasn’t paid rent at the Sterling Heights, Michigan location since December 15, which was the day that it opened. However, co-owner Gino Harmon mocked the eviction threat this past weekend, as he offered customers a 25% discount on their orders if they showed up with a printed out copy of the TMZ article from last Friday that first reported the eviction news.


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