Florida Man's DUI Excuse Was Telling Police He Was Trying To 'Drive It Off' Because Florida

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03.04.14 2 Comments

A Florida man who was pulled over for speeding last month gave a unique excuse when officers asked about his slurred speech and boozy fragrance.

Michael Moore told one officer that he had been drinking at home and was headed to the bar for more. He told another officer he got in an argument with his wife and left for a drive. Then he dropped this doozy:

“He also told me that his wife told him that he (had) been drinking too much so he decided to go out and ‘drive it off,'” an arrest affidavit states.

Moore was given a breathalyzer test and registered blood alcohol content readings of 0.104 and 0.103. The legal limit in Florida is 0.08. He was arrested and charged with DUI.

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