Florida Man Leaves Naked Wife On Nudist Beach Sandbar Because She Caught Him Blowing A Dude

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07.17.14 18 Comments

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OK, there’s a lot of moving parts to this story (pun only barely intended) so bear with me, here. A Florida couple, Michael Doster, 49, and his wife of two years, Pamela Doster, 45, were riding on a Sea-Doo near Passage Key — which is apparently a nudie beach in Tampa Bay known for partying and swinging — when they started arguing. What were they arguing about, you ask? Well, it just so happens that Pamela caught her husband with another man “giving each other a blow job.”

So naturally this being Florida and all, she thought the perfect time to have a serious discussion about this was out on a 500+ pound jet ski in the middle of the ocean. I should also probably add that there was alcohol involved.

Doster, who was driving the Sea-Doo, allegedly yanked his wife off the jet ski several times, according to the report. “During the last time she was pulled off she hit her head against the side of the jet ski” and refused to get back on the watercraft. Instead, she repaired to the sandbar “and refused to answer his call outs.”

When Doster could not locate his wife, he called 911. Pamela, naked except for a life jacket, was subsequently found on the sandbar and transported to safety by rescue workers. A deputy noted that she had a “bruise/bump” on her head, a bruise on her biceps, and a “large swollen area to her left hip area.” She was transported to a local hospital for treatment.

Michael Doster was charged with a misdemeanor domestic battery and released on $5000 bond. But other than the domestic abuse and gay stuff, this all just sounds like your classic sitcom mix up, to me. Are we sure Perfect Strangers hasn’t done this one yet?

(Via The Smoking Gun)

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