Floyd Mayweather Jr. Begins Three-Month Jail Sentence

06.01.12 6 years ago 11 Comments

Floyd Mayweather, Jr. checked himself into a Las Vegas jail today where he began his 90 day sentence stemming from a domestic violence incident with the mother of his children in 2010. TMZ – as if there was any other option – were the first to get their sticky fingers on The Champ’s mugshot. For those wondering, Floyd’ll be staying in protective custody with most of his days being spent in a 7′ x 14′ cell. Not exactly conducive to his #MoneyTeam lifestyle, but as one of the few Floyd fans around these parts, I, for one, will be anticipating his return to the ring to continue his reign as the safest bet in sports. I would say against you know who, but that’s beating a dead horse at this point; although the fight was a dotted “i” away from happening in 2010 according to new reports.

Anywho, Floyd is expected to only serve 60 days pending good behavior. No word yet if Bieber Da Gawd plans to visit his new amigo seeing as how he’s got his own legal issues to tend to.

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