Foals – “Late Night” Video

03.12.13 5 years ago

Don’t watch Foals’ video for “Late Night” if you’re squeamish about the following: blood, suicide, child birth, bare man-ass in the heat of boinking or the the spinal cord’s knobby vertebrae. Or getting caught looking at lascivious sh*t while at work. Because it’s definitely NSFW.

If none of the above applies, “Late Night”‘s dark and gloomy visuals, directed by “Pyramids” director Nabil and filmed in Romania, shows the depressing and/or shadier sides of what stereotypically transpires at night. The Oxford, England, band elevates its track as the shots cut and cross through dank hotel rooms as the video’s five minutes progress, spitting up blood on the stage on which Foals plays and the sheets upon which a woman gives birth.

It’s brutal stuff, but that’s just what happens late night.

Foals’ third album, Holy Fire, is out now courtesy of Sub Pop.

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