France's President Can't Take the Twitter Heat

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We’re not shy about calling out Nicolas Sarkozy for his Internet policies, because France’s president really doesn’t understand the Internet. We’re talking about a guy who wants to tax Facebook because Facebook, like, totally uses France’s phone wires and, like, doesn’t pay for them, which is as stupid a justification as it sounds.

Oh, and he’s been trying to give the French government total control of the Internet for years, probably because he’s pissy over some gossip columns. The point is, Sarkozy is generally a douche.

And now, he’s joined the social network that douches love, Twitter, and managed to shut down all the parody accounts about him.

To be fair, Twitter has pointed out that three of the four accounts were violating their parody policy, and the fourth one was never shut down and is in fact merrily ripping Sarkozy a new one as you read this. Still, that Sarkozy’s people deliberately requested the takedown just reinforces what a humorless douche this guy is. And apparently his key opponent in the general election is only leading by one point.

We’d make fun of that too, except our political atmosphere right now has our hands tied.

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