Freddie Gibbs’ “Cold Day In Hell” Lyric Book

12.28.11 6 years ago 8 Comments

Your 10th grade American History teacher was totally right: you can’t believe everything you read on the Internet. Although he/she probably wasn’t speaking about lyric websites, apply the same advice to those web addresses as well. And since we’d rather know the actual lyrics to Freddie Gibbs’ “187 Proof” than knowing what the H.U.A.C. was, the Gary, Indiana, MC has provided a “lyric book” in order to clarify what he actually utters on his recent project, Cold Day In Hell.

The lyric book itself isn’t necessarily unique — anybody who has ever bought a CD in the past twenty years can attest to that. However, when most music is streamed and/or downloaded, the tangible lyric book becomes an archaic musical relic. Gibbs’ book — or PDF in this case — is a cool addition to his latest mixtape, and, if a large printer is handy, could make for an interesting coffee table addition. The thing does span 38 pages, so why not Kinko that puppy and let all guests catch a glimpse of Fred’s opinions on loose women, 187s and talking with fellow businessmen about their practices? Or you can simply use the book as a guide to revel in the lyrical prowess that The Baby-Faced Killer possesses.

Either way, at least your former teacher will be proud. You did your research.

Download the lyric book here.

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