DJ Skee x TSS Present Freddie Gibbs The Labels Tryin To Kill Me

12.01.09 8 years ago 57 Comments

When we posted the first prominent “blog post” on behalf of Freddie Gibbs way back in April, the goal wasn’t to create some overly-hyped Internet sensation but more so to showcase the talents of an MC with the power to accomplish that on his merit; through the power of rhyme. Plenty of anomalies, great music and achieved expectations have been made since then, which brings us full circle to this point.

The Labels Tryin To Kill Me: The Best Of Freddie Gibbs.

A mix of Fred’s best verses and freestyles chopped and mixed back to back to back, not 80 full tracks as the tracklisting would have you to believe. There’s also seven previously unheard tracks included in there, making it more than worthy. Consider it collector’s item as well as a barometer to measure the amount of raw talent the man entered the game with and how far he just keeps getting better. No need for fast-forward buttons or attempting to figure out what you heard before. DJ Skee is back in the driver’s seat and he lets Gangsta Gibbs ride out as you should the tape. Let’s get it! And as always, RMF.

Download — DJ Skee & The Smoking Section Present Freddie Gibbs – The Labels Tryin To Kill: The Best Of Freddie Gibbs | Alt. Link

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