“Freeway” Rick Ross Talks About Freeway…And Rick Ross

08.06.12 5 years ago 59 Comments

“Freeway” Rick Ross sits down with Forbez DVD to dissect the whole name-game lawsuit and his issues with Rick Ross, the rapper. While Ross says that L.A. street dudes – including Suge – have offered to take care of the situation in different ways, the vet doesn’t want to handle it that way, even if the odds are stacked against him in court (according to Ross, the judge in the case used to work for Universal Records). Towards the end, Ross describes the courtroom scene where he and Ross, the rapper, came face-to-face and the rapper wouldn’t shake his hand.

Also, Ross clarifies why he never went at Freeway, the Philly rapper, by saying Free “carries it different” whereas William Leonard Roberts II “lies and he wants people to believe that he’s me” and that the messages and goals differ between the former kingpin and the rapping version.

When this topic came up for discussion last week, the peanut gallery got lively. After hearing the real Ross’ side, where does everyone stand? The rapping guy did effectively lift the kingpin’s whole persona, from the drug deals down to the bald head and beard and, if we reflect back to his October ’11 interview with GQ, he never breaks character. Is there a definitive line between art and life when it comes to legalities? Is William Bradford truly delusional yet profiting heavily off the acts of “Freeway” Ricky?

Cred: Forbez DVD

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