Functional Dead Space 2 Plasma Cutter Ignites A Match, Pops Balloon

05.05.11 7 years ago

For a good while now, the survival horror video game title Dead Space 2 has been available for purchase on store shelves. And while the video game’s Collector’s Edition does include a replica Isaac Clarke plasma cutter, sadly enough the handheld space weapon can’t actually fire lasers to help fend off enemies and stray cats -that is, at least up until now. The fine boys over at Kipkay Videos have revealed a space-age hack in which they actually disassemble one of these replicas, included in the Collector’s Edition, and install real working lasers that are powerful enough to pop balloons and even ignite matchsticks.


Plasma Cutter: From Dead Space 2 Collector’s Edition

Purple Laser: 405nm 600mW Purple Laser Diode from a 12x Blu-Ray Burner

Blue Laser: 445nm 1W Blue Laser Diode from a DLP projector

Drivers: MicroBoost Drive & MicroFlex Drive

Modules: 650nm 5mW 6mm mini laser modules. 650nm diodes removed, high-power diodes installed [source]

Video after the jump of the lasers handling business. Sorry to report that there is no footage of anyone burning their retina out, misfiring the damn thing. Oh and can I just say that, in the video, either the replica cutter’s scale is tiny or the gentleman has some of the most incredibly large set of mittens that I have ever seen. They’re like packs of quarters.

[via the fine folks over at SuperPunch]

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