Is This Thing On? Gallery 1988 Celebrates Comedians And Weird Al

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Nicole Gustafsson “Chasing Chevy Chase”

The pop-culture obsessed art lovers at Gallery 1988 Melrose in Los Angeles and Funny or Die are hosting their second annual “Is This Thing On?” exhibit, highlighting art about comedians and funny people. This year’s show also included a career retrospective of “Weird Al” Yankovic to celebrate the upcoming 30th anniversary of his first album. Weird Al hosted the show’s opening reception last Friday night as well.
“Is This Thing On? 2: The Weird Year” runs until Weasel Stomping Day March 31st and includes tribute art from Alex Pardee, Kiersten Essenpreis, Augie Pagan, Tom Haubrick, and nearly 100 other artists who have great taste in comedians. We’ve placed some of our favorites in the slideshow below. All pictures courtesy of Gallery 1988 and Funny or Die, and prints and originals of many of these works are still available at Gallery 1988.

Bruce White “Axel Foley”

Carlos Agrillo “Zach” (inspired by Zach Galifianakis)

Jason Liwag “Dooneese” (inspired by Kristen Wiig)

Eric Braddock “Awesome Possum” (inspired by Louis CK)

Ivan Minsloff “Their Satanic Majesties Flying Circus” (inspired by Monty Python)

Joey Spiotto “Conan & The Conandos” (inspired by Conan O’Brien)

Michelle Coffee “I Just ‘Blue’ Myself” (inspired by David Cross)

Alex Pardee “Eat It” (inspired by Weird Al Yankovic)

Joshua Budich “Another One Rides The Bus” (inspired by Weird Al Yankovic)

Miranda Dressler “Weird Alvaluation” (inspired by Weird Al Yankovic)

Andrew DeGraff “Man Of A Thousand Mustaches” (inspired by Peter Sellers)

Dan Lydersen “Gavin” (inspired by Kids In The Hall)

Casey Weldon “In Summation” (inspired by Howard Kremer and Kulap Vilaysack)

Darin Shock “Mr. Show”

Kiersten Essenpreis etched these Mitch Hedberg quotes into birch wood panels

Sean Dove “If You’re Into It” (inspired by Flight of the Concords)

Israel Sanchez “Freedom From Warlords” (inspired by Phil Hartman)

Julian Callos “Louie” (inspired by Louis CK)

Kyle McCoy “Formidable Opponent” (inspired by Stephen Colbert)

Shana Bilbrey “The Pit Of Ultimate Darkness” (inspired by Kids In The Hall)

Tom Haubrick “Al” (inspired by Weird Al Yankovic)

Tom Haubrick “David” (inspired by Larry David)

Tom Haubrick “Richard” (inspired by Richard Pryor)

Tom Haubrick “Rodney” (inspired by Rodney Dangerfield)

Veronica Fish “Enlist: Upright Citizen’s Brigade”

Julia Vickerman “Our Only Friend Is Chaos” (inspired by Upright Citizen’s Brigade)

Glen Brogan “The Comedian” (inspired by Lewis Black and Watchmen)

Samuel Ho “Spaceship” (inspired by Patton Oswalt)

Sam Carter “Larry David: Social Assassin”

Augie Pagan “George Carlin’s 7 Dirty Words”

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