A Reminder That You Can Rid Yourself Of Those Annoying ‘Be Like Bill’ Memes On Facebook

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Ah, the circle of life for an internet meme. It seems like just yesterday (technically, it was like a week ago) that a cartoon stick man named “Bill” gleefully came into our lives to passive aggressively remind our friends how not to be sh*theads on Facebook. But then the “Be Like Bill” meme generators started springing up, and everyone started sharing them, and suddenly “Be Like Bill” memes are the new Starbucks selfies, relationship overshares, or CrossFit posts.

But despair not, for you can make those Be Like Bill memes vanish forever with just a click of the button. Or any memes or games, really — thanks to this helpful reminder from Unilad:

Just click on the drop down arrow on the right of the post, select ‘Hide all from’ whichever app they used to create this monstrosity and then you’ll be free.

In closing: Be Like Bill.

Bill Doesn’t Need An Obnoxious Meme To Smugly Remind People How To Conduct Themselves On Social Media.

Bill Is Smart.

Be Like Bill.

(Via Unilad)

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