Get Teedra Moses To Essence Festival 2012!

05.09.12 6 years ago 4 Comments

Picture this scenario. Whatever your passion is, there’s a huge festival/conference on the horizon which would provide benefits beyond belief if attended. And all you needed were the funds. Well, such a predicament is exactly the case for Teedra Moses and this year’s Essence Music Festival in her hometown of New Orleans. Already invited to perform at one of the biggest gatherings in the country later this summer, Moses is taking it upon herself to organize a grassroots campaign of sorts to fund the trip while finalizing her LUXURIOUSunderGRIND documentary. In her own words:

This year, thanks to I’m looking to the friends of my music to be apart of this movement. Your support and honesty has always kept me going. I accepted the invitation to perform at Essence 2012 knowing it was time to release the LUXURIOUSunderGRIND Documentary. Many don’t realize that you can be in the right place at the right time but unless opportunity meets proper finances, things can fall apart.

That last sentence hits all too close to home and yet another realization that the music business isn’t as glamourous as it seems on the surface*. Teedra is asking for donations totaling $5500 to help cover everything from flights, hotel rooms, funding for band members, rehearsals and merchandise amongst other business-related necessities. As a person who thought the world of her debut album, Complex Simplicity, and a fan of her music, the least that can be done on my part is making her mission as public as possible.

For those who don’t feel the need to donate, don’t. It’s America and what’s done with your hard earned money is between you, your account and your god. Word of mouth, however, is free. Those who are interested can do so by clicking here. Teedra even have rewards for anyone who donates, so there is some sort of incentive for those reading this wondering what the hell they would be getting out of the deal. This includes being named as an associate producer for the aforementioned documentary if you decide to fork over a few dollars.

And now that I think about it, I’m going to need funds to get down there, too. Don’t worry about me though. I’m going to figure something out; just support Teedra.

* – Now why MMG isn’t helping foot this bill is another topic for another time on another post. I’m not even going to open that bucket of lemon pepper wings.

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