Giants and Rams got in massive brawl after a late hit on Odell Beckham

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The officials have completely lost control of the Giants/Rams game. After Odell Beckham scored an early TD and got a taunting penalty for his celebration, the Rams went full force after him and after a few minor scuffles (Including Josh Brown kicking a Rams player in the face after a kickoff) we had a full blown fight complete with 4 ejections after a dirty hit by Alec Ogletree on Beckham. Beckham caught a short pass and made his way towards the sideline, and Alec Ogletree pushed him out, then tackled him out of bounds, a clear foul. Beckham retaliated by throwing the ball in Ogletree’s face, Ogletree then shoved Beckham back into the turf by his face, and Odell finished with a sweep kick on Ogletree’s leg. A few players got in to break it up but it was too late, all hell broke loose. Punches were thrown, helmets came off, and reporters were caught in the scuffle. At the end of everything neither Ogletree nor Beckham got ejected, but Demontre Moore, Jonathan Hankins, Preston Parker, and William Hayes all got kicked out. There were about 20 billion penalties, and at the end of it all the Giants were given 1st and 25.

Lost in all the kerfuffle is the cameraman who got owned during the initial tackle.

The Rams are the most penalized team in the league, which isn’t a surprise coming from a team run by notorious jerk Jeff Fisher and other notorious defensive coordinator Gregg Williams. Brian Schottenheimer might be a jerk too, I don’t know. Let’s hope the second half is less of a free for all.

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