Here Are 20 Girls Who Remarkably Look Kind Of Cute While Also Looking Like Skrillex

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06.28.12 21 Comments

In our ongoing quest to provide Skrillex web culture coverage while never actually subjecting ourselves to his music (unless it’s sung by a Dutch choir), I’m happy to point everyone to Girls That Look Like Skrillex, a Lesbians Who Look Like Justin Bieber-esque Tumblr that collects photos of exactly what you think it collects photos of.

The thing that jumped out to me while perusing this single-server is the remarkable number of ladies who don’t actually look all that bad while doing their Skrillex impersonations. The dubstep maestro has been mistaken for DJ Conner far more times than he has been mistaken for eye candy for either gender so discovering that not all the females that find themselves looking like him have me immediately googling Spring Breakers photos was quite the revelation.

Obviously the following sub-collection is entirely subjective, and let me be clear in stating that ladies getting their “Skrill” on is in no way my thang. I’m not looking to cook them breakfast. I’m just saying under the conceit of “looking like Skrillex” they’re not bad.

Source: Girls That Look Like Skrillex

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