Google Has Added A ‘Bacon Number’ Feature, In Case You Want To Waste The Rest Of Your Day

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09.13.12 4 Comments

Up to this point in history, finding the degree of separation between Kevin Bacon and, say, Hans Heinrich von Twardowski from the 1920 German silent film The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari has been overly complicated. First, you had to Google “degree of separation kevin bacon” because you can never remember the website that does that for you, and then you recalled it’s Oracle of Bacon, and then you had to click on the website on Google, then you had to type in the celebrity’s name, and click “find link.” WE HAVE JOBS YOU KNOW, INTERNET.

Google, in their infinite wisdom, has cut out the middle man, and added a “Bacon Number” feature.

All you have to do is search “Bacon Number [Actor/Actress Name],” and before you can say Balto:

It’s difficult finding a modern-day actor or actress with a Bacon Number higher than two. The highest I’ve gotten so far is four; even porn stars are only a few degrees away from Bacon, of the Bacon Brothers.

Paula Deen isn’t a porn star, but wishful thinking, y’know?

(Via The Next Web)

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