Gotye’s “Somebody That I Used To Know” Supercut For All Supercuts

08.13.12 5 years ago

My better half got the giggles when I told her that Gotye’s “Somebody Body That I Used To Know” currently resides as one of the power songs for the second half of morning exercise routine but it’s 100% true. Not that I can put a finger on why exactly, except that the song’s tempo and momentum builds provides this great push when the body gets weary. The song’s beauty has inspired countless supercuts, a fact not lost on Gotye, who decided to one-up those attempting to be like him and masterminding his own supercut made up of…supercuts

“Reluctant as I am to add to the mountain of interpretations of Somebody That I Used To Know seemingly taking over their own area of the internet, I couldn’t resist the massive remixability that such a large, varied yet connected bundle of source material offered.??”

And while it may not end the stream of supercuts, Gotye’s final product becomes a big happy singalong we can all enjoy until the next new version pops up on YouTube.

Seen: Popdust

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