Grown-Up Calvin And Hobbes Might Make It A Little Dusty In Here

Senior Pop Culture Editor
05.30.13 7 Comments

We have made it our mission to write about anything Calvin & Hobbes-related that finds its way onto the Internet, as long as Calvin’s not wearing a Ford shirt and pissing on a Jeep. Especially when it brings out the ol’ waterworks, as comedian/illustrator Craig Mahoney’s painting of a grown-up Calvin and Hobbes has.

Amusingly, the sentimental picture, which is part of Mahoney’s art show, Awesomeness: The Art of a Fanboy, isn’t really what he’s known for. As he wrote on Twitter, “So, uh… Yeah. Welcome to all my new followers. Come for the nostalgic and geeky art. Stay for the self-deprecating dick jokes,” followed by, “Is there an app that can show how many of my exes have seen this Huffington Post article and felt a slight pang of regret?” What a Calvinballer.

(Via Huffington Post) (Via Twitter)

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