Gucci Mane – “Bussin’ Juugs” Video

09.09.12 5 years ago 3 Comments

And now for your daily dose of trap rap. Gucci – with Waka riding shotgun – takes us all on a field trip for the visual for “Bussin’ Juugs.” We meet Gucci’s plug, see Gucci’s kitchen where the chickens were cooked, witness a sea of red (not to be confused with the Red Sea) and a host of other La Flare-related tidbits.

While the clip likely will not nominated for “Video Of The Year,” I’ll just look at the glass half full for two reasons. No, three. One, the song itself is entertaining once given the car-speaker test. Two, I’m actually excited for Trap God, which drops 10/17 in case you or a friend forgot. And three, Gucci hasn’t been back to the big house in awhile. Kudos to that man for living life on the right side of the law.*

Now let me go find some wood to knock on.

* – Or at least not getting caught.

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