Gucci Mane – “Plain Jane (Remix)” x “Too Damn Sexy” Videos

09.02.12 5 years ago

Gucci wasn’t playing around when he said that he’d be releasing a flurry of visuals. For one of the highlights and bigger surprises from I’m Up, Mr. Boomtown jumps behind the lens for one of his typical, albeit aesthetically pleasing, videos featuring lots of rappers, exotic ladies, expensive autos, and dramatic lighting.

There’s most certainly nothing plain about the “Plain Jane (Remix)” video, with La Flare looking as icy as ever. So icy, in fact, that he had to dress for the winter with his down vest and fur lined aviator hat, and even some of the video vixens were uncharacteristically clothed far more than usual. Rocko and T.I. give colorful performances, with Mike Will and Waka Flocka and their respective entourages dancing around.

And the videos drop quicker than they can be posted. “Too Damn Sexy” finds Gucci and Jeremih surrounded by a bevy of writhing females. More along the lines of what one would expect from a typical Gucci video, the limber lady and her behind steal the spotlight immediately. Directed by 60 Frames Films, the video wouldn’t be complete without Waka and Mike Will making appearances, either.

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