Hard Knocks Trailer Time: Are You Ready For The Miami Dolphins?

07.20.12 6 years ago 27 Comments

When it was announced that the Miami Dolphins would be the subject of this season of HBO’s Hard Knocks series after 11 other NFL teams – and probably a few NCAA, AFL, UFL and Lingerie teams – turned it down, the public response was a collective, “Meh.” After all, this was prior to the Dolphins signing Chad Ochocinco so it seemed like we were going to have to depend on the exuberant personalities of guys like… um, Reggie Bush? Dan Carpenter, maybe?

I don’t know, I don’t think I’ve ever heard any of the other Dolphins players speak before. Now HBO has an official trailer for CSI Hard Knocks: Miami, and I can say with confidence that the collective response will be raised significantly to: “I guess.” I’ll give it an overwhelming “Hell yes” if it focuses on my new favorite GIF:

Hard Knocks with the Dolphins debuts on August 7 and you will watch because you have nothing else to do. Trailer after the jump.

(H/T to Awful Announcing)

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