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10.20.10 3 Comments

As a world famous tenor, I have to admit that I’m a bit of a music fan. And there’s no better time of the year for a music fan than the holiday season, because we are simply bombarded with all of our favorite holiday classics. And why? Because we need a different version of Silent Night every year. It’s standard, like getting drunk on egg nog and embarrassing my family, or accidentally telling my niece there’s no Santa. Oh don’t be silly, of course there’s a Santa! How do I know? Because he’s delivering these instant holiday classics to us this year…

The Eurythmics front woman recently recorded this special album of 11 festive holiday songs as a means of setting up the album’s original track, “Universal Child.” The proceeds from Child will go to supporting the Annie Lennox Foundation, which supports HIV and AIDS education and awareness in Africa. Lennox also says that her cover of “Lullay Lullay” reminds her of child soldiers, so make sure you crank this one at your holiday party. The album is available on Amazon, iTunes, as well as actual retail stores where human interaction occurs.

Released on October 29, this is Mrs. Nick Cannon’s second foray into the Christmas album universe, after her holiday debut in 1994 with the simply-titled “Merry Christmas.” The latest follow-up features four original holiday songs, as well as some all-time classics, and a special re-recording of her 1994 hit, “All I Want For Christmas Is You.” Superstar producer Jermaine Dupri pitched in on the first single, “Oh Santa,” which should be playing 16 times per day on your Top 40 radio station… right… about… now.

Strap on your Yule tide flannel and get ready for some holiday balance, because the Indigo Girls’ Holly Happy Days features the first Hanukah song on this little rundown. Their version of “Happy Joyous Hanukah” is sure to make everyone feel incorporated at your company’s holiday party this year. Until your pants fall down.

The king of your teenage daughter’s heart has promised his fans that he has an unplugged Christmas album on the way, but the targeted release date of Nov. 23 has come and gone. Instead, J-Biebs released “My Worlds Acoustic“ with his latest smash hit, “Pray.” While not a traditional holiday album, it’s still likely to be a hot stocking stuffer this season. Do people still do that? The whole stocking thing? I suppose parents could just put it on a flash drive and drop it in a sock. Whatever, I’m not Santa.

While I’m hoping that the title of Jessica’s album is a bit tongue-in-cheek, I’ll let it pass because she teamed up with our troops to put together a very special recording for this holiday offering. Jessica made an appearance on the USS Harry Truman with Aviation Boatswain’s Mate 3rd Class John Britt, and the two even reprised their duo for a Christmas appearance at the Rockefeller Christmas Tree Lighting.

The former American Idol songstress comes out of her self-professed artistic hiding to release a Christmas album of popular classics like Jingle Bells and Silver Bells, while I will be singing my new classic, “Taco Bells.”

Who would have thunk it, Wilson Phillips still together after all these years, and giving us a holiday album also chocked full of classics for our listening enjoyment. This is the 90s trio’s first Christmas album together, so if it works well I’m keeping my fingers crossed for a Color Me Badd Halloween album… I a-Gore Mi Amor. Thanks, I’ll be here all night.

With the second biggest-selling album of 2009 (I Dreamed a Dream), Susan Boyle is putting her amazing pipes on a holiday album, but she’s doing in the humble style that made her a star. Fans of Susan can upload their own versions of Silent Night on YouTube and the winner of “Susan’s Search” will get to record a duet with her on the holiday album.

The Glee gang is back with another holiday album and they will overpower you and force you to love them and throw you on to a pinball machine of Christmas joy. You can’t stop them, it’s just going to happen.

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