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You all were out partying and celebrating in revelry all weekend…and so were we of course. To start the week off, we figured we’d give you some of the recent headlines. Grab your coffee, click and see what happened around the world while you were away from your keyboard…

Super Bowl XLI to be historic with two Black head coaches.

I’m kind of torn but I’m going to be pleased either way this game goes. The fact that there will be a winning team coached by a Black male isn’t “huge”, although the media will play it up in their usual fashion. However, it is indeed historic & worthy of note.

On one hand, you want Lovie Smith and the Bears to win because the city has been second-guessing Lovie’s (what a name) decision to stick with Rex Grossman. If Grossman performs and they win, Lovie’s decisions are validated.

At the same time, you’ve got Dungy and we’ve all had the opportunity to follow his story, as it relates to the them faltering in the playoffs repeatedly. And then, we can look back @ how he and his family weathered their own personal tragedy with the suicide of his son.

But either way, a qualified coach with high character will lead his team to victory in the Super Bowl.

And he’ll happen to be Black.

Perhaps now, more owners will begin to take more notice and realize that there are quite a few more capable individuals awaiting an opportunity.

As well, the conspiracy theory is over as the Saints Lose.

More Headlines…

Memphis Bleek stops being a weed carrier, and found time to record Dipset diss record. Audio

JR writer jumps in, Cam chimes in. Records Tru Life Diss record. Audio

MC Lyte, Lupe Fiasco, T.I, Weird Al Yankovic are among Nominees For 4th Annual World of Rap Awards.

Rapidshare in potential hot water.

Young Bucks Signs C-Bo to Ca$hville Records. Read

Q-Tip looking to release new album in spring ’07.

“Stomp The Yard” Makes $13.3 Mil in 2nd Week. #1 at US Box Office.

James Brown Still Not Buried. Body moved to unknown location.

Alicia Keys to open doors for scholars, as she’s planning on giving $5,000 scholarships for community-serving students. Read

Bjork to work with Timbaland. Read

An interesting NY Times article, “Cracking Down On Mixtapes.

Coltrane And MLK Changed America.

Men’s legwarmers are the next big thing in fashion? WTF? Seriously?

Fantasia makes Vibe Vixen Cover.

Eddie Murphy, Chris Rock & Chris Tucker To Star in new film, dubbed the Black Ocean’s Eleven.

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