Here’s A Playful Look At A Patient Cat Fishing For Another Cat

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There’s not to say about this video of a cat using a pole to fish for another cat. It might be the perfect example of cat life we’ve managed to capture to this point, but it also provides a glimpse into a world where cats won’t need us for their entertainment.

If you teach a cat to fish, does that mean it’s going to kill you in your sleep and declare your favorite chair as his own? I’m not sure, but it certainly doesn’t sit well with me. Anything to add over at the Huffington Post?

Don’t play koi with us — just take the bait and watch it.

Well if you’re going to put it like that! Just give me a second to find my gun and my will to live, then I might come back. No promises though. Until then, enjoy the fancy cat moment of the day.

(Via MrYabawy)

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